They Prefers Turkey For Impressive Smiles


Turkey is an important country preferred aesthetics, hair transplantation, IVF treatments, vascular surgery, obesity surgery and in several medical applications. Turkish dentists, who have achieved international success in dental treatment, accept patients from many countries such as England, France, Germany, Italy, Turkmenistan and Saudi Arabia for  “Hollywood Smile ”. Details of the subject given to DR.KALKO MEDICAL TOURISM by succeeded Dentist Dt. Nihan Güneş Ersen.


What are the current popular methods?

The most popular method we currently being applied is what we call “Hollywood Smile”. Also we can say “smile design” for this method. This is a system which we make the teeth extra white and create the smile from the start. When the patient laughs, we design the lips and teeth in a way that suits his/her  face. It’s a pretty flashy method. We accept many patients especially for ”Hollywood Smile” method abroad.

How much time do patients need to spend for “Hollywood Smile”?

When the patient arrives for “Hollywood Smile”, first we make the design on computer with his/her photographs and create a model of the finished version for the patient. We need two days for mouth application. In two days we remove the mold and show the patient the shape of the final form with the filling. At this stage we decide together the final form of the teeth to be a little longer or a little shorter. At the end of these two days, we cut teeth. After that, if we have time, we can easily produce for four days, if the patient does not have time, we can complete it in two days.

Which technique do you use?

We work digitally. We have a camera, we scan the inside of the mouth. Porcelain teeth were used to be made by hand and now they are made by computer. With the most advanced material quality, we achieve more aesthetic and more perfect results with zero error.

Implants are one of the most preferred methods in dental applications. How long will it take you to complete a single implant?

Implants are our routine work. If the patient’s age and bone are appropriate, we transplant implant and the zirconium teeth on the implant within 24 hours.

How long will it take to complete the implants in the whole mouth?

We need four days to implant the whole mouth.

Do patients remain toothless during this four-day period?

No, definitely not. They have temporary teeth. But these temporary teeth are also designed to be extremely comfortable.


In Turkey, in many areas such as teeth it has become a center of attraction. What is the reason of this?

We have a serious price advantage compared to abroad. We are very cheap compared to countries like England, France and USA. We are very successful in quality. Smile design and one-session procedures are very popular. This is also chance for them traveling Turkey. They say that they are very happy with the hospitality and warmth of the Turkish people. They love Turkish doctors. So we accept many patients from abroad.

Which countries do they come from the most?

We accept patients from many countries such as Saudi Arabia, England, Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Turkmenistan.

Do patients coming to you for dental treatment have the chance to have other procedures performed at the same time?

Sure they can do. Many processes can be done at the same time such as hair transplantation, aesthetics, medical aesthetics, dermatological procedures and epilation.


Interview: Şükriye Özgül

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