Fast Services

The response speed from the hospitals is 24 hours since the moment you’ve submitted a request.


Best Options

Dr.Kalko Health Care Services finds the best treatment option in 280 medical facilities worldwide.


Saving Money

We save up to 50% of your charges for treatment abroad. Don’t miss the discount!


7/24 Support

Dr.Kalko Health Care Services provide 24/7 support. WhatsApp, E-mail and Phone Support.

Hospitals in Turkey offers low cost but world class medical care services.

700.000 people visiting Turkey for medical care. Turkey provides better quality treatment at lower costs when compared to Europe, the U.S. and other western countries. Some surgeries are 90 percent cheaper than other countries.
Full-Service Medical Care Services.

A to Z Health Care

Many services provided by DR.KALKO HEALTH CARE SERVICES for your health. We start before you come to Turkey and we continue after you turn back to your home.

Online Appointments

You can create an appointment on our website, easily and quickly.

Pesticide reduction

Private greeting services for all of our long distance and international patients

Free Examinations

Covers the required procedures in the decision making processes of clients.

The Best Hospitals

Medical procedures to be performed in fully-equipped hospitals.

Specialist Doctors

You will be in safe hands with us, with specialist doctors in every field.

Satisfied Patients

The highest satisfaction rate with a rate of 97% satisfied patients.

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We are creating latest contents about medical situations. Our doctors checks our blog and we take their advices for your health. Keep informed.