With immunotherapy, which is a personally planned form of treatment, problems of vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, inflammatory rheumatism, allergies, many types of cancer, MS, immune-induced infertility, hypertension and hypotension can be treated. Personal treatment programs are planned with protective immunotherapy to prevent genetic diseases.

What is personal immunotherapy?

While the leaning towards the disciplines that enhance the immune system in the treatment of all autoimmune diseases, especially cancer and chronic infections, one of the prestigious health magazines called “Science” listed immunotherapy among the important scientific developments.

Immunotherapy, a form of treatment that restores the immune system developed by American scientist Dr. William B. Coley in 1891 specific to cancer currently has a position as a method used in 40 different illnesses combined with their subheads. The number of centers in the world serving at the level of basic expertise of this subject is four. There is one center in the United States and two in Israel. The fourth immunotherapy center is located in Turkey.

Immunotherapy trains the body.

Personal immunotherapy trains the body, causing the immune system to be repaired. The problems in a person’s immune system are determined and a personal treatment program is planned accordingly.