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The Importance of Turkey in Medical Tourism

Health tourism, i.e. medical tourism, is a sector that keeps growing both globally and locally in 2000s. Turkey ranked amongst the best countries in the world, in health tourism particularly over the last decade.

This certainly depends on a number of factors. First of all, the fact that healthcare costs in Turkey are more affordable compared to other countries is one of the major factors. Geographical proximity to both the Middle East and European Countries is another factor which brings Turkey forwards in the Medical tourism. Almost flag carriers and low cost carriers offer an easy access to all destinations also highlights Turkey in the Medical Tourism. Sufficient number of knowledgeable and educated doctors and state-of-the art health technologies owned by the country are yet another factor that increases preferability.

Also, the fact that some diseases, excluded from the coverage of insurance systems, are treated in our country at affordable costs and with superior quality, increases the preference towards our country.