Why does obesity surgery have to be personalized?

Obesity surgeries can be performed in connection with the patient’s demand and weight, such as laparoscopic, robotic and single hole surgery.

After obesity surgery, the patient not only loses weight, his blood pressure decreases and stabilizes, triglyceride, cholesterol decreases, diabetes problem is solved. The person gets a healthier and more comfortable life.

Gasrtectomy Sleeve (stomach tube) and Mini-Gastric Bypass surgery, such as in Turkey and is among the most commonly performed procedures in the world. However, these methods must be made personally. The same surgery cannot be done to everyone.

Foreign patients state that they want to have this surgery by giving the name of the surgical technique. However, after some previous examinations, experts determine whether the patient is suitable for this surgery and surgery is planned accordingly. Do not forget! Surgical techniques applied in obesity surgery are completely personal. The same technique does not apply to everyone.

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