Iha News Manager Ömer Kılıç: “Turkish Doctors Are Very Courage And Very Experienced”




Turkey’s largest news agency IHA (Ihlas News Agency) news director Omer KILIÇ has made special statements for Dr. Kalko Health Care Services. KILIÇ, “Turkish doctors are very courage and very experienced. Doctors in our country are performing many surgeries that are not dared to be performed in the world. We have served thousands of life stories to the world press on this subject.”

Since 1994, he continued his journalistic duties at İHAs (Turkey International News Agency) Ömer KILIÇ, made an important statement about health in Turkey. Kılıç said that, “Turkey has signed many important developments in health over the last 25 years. There are opened a large number of private hospitals equipped with the highest technology. State hospitals and Education and Research hospitals are equipped with the same equipment as private hospitals. We have very valuable professors. Private hospitals meet European standards in terms of quality. I’d say even better. The Turkish people can easily reach all kinds of treatments. Many treatments are provided by the state, even in a private hospital. Intensive care units, child intensive care units, neonatal intensive care units are well equipped and all of them are provided free of charge to the public. Cancer treatments, heart surgeries, angios and many other treatments are provided by the state. Turkish people are very lucky in terms of health care compared to many other countries. Treatment costs of citizens abroad, especially in the United States, are very expensive. Even the foreign nationals in our country can get very high quality health care and treatment at a price that is almost half less than their own countries.”


“Doctors of abroad don’t want to take risk. ”

Ömer Kılıç who signed thousands of health news and spread to the world agenda, said that, “We have made many health news and we are still doing it. Patients could not be treated at abroad or miss treated come to Turkey and Turkish doctors are correcting the miss treatment. Doctors abroad say that ‘they do not do this surgery’ and patienst are getting health in Turkey. I’m interested in this news. Such news passed to the domestic and world press. Doctors do not take risks abroad, Turkish doctors are as courage and very experienced. I’m proud of this news. ”


“Turkey is safe like Europe. “

Due to the terrorist events of an era, a successful journalist evaluating Turkey is being claimed  unsafe country, he said,  “Previously, people did not want to come to Turkey for security reasons. The last three years, especially after 15 July there are not considerable terrorist incidents in Turkey. Turkey is safe country like European countries. The attacks even to schools in the United states are going on. We do not have anything like that. Terror a common problem all the world. I think people can come to Turkey without fear for both tourism and health care. The increasing number of tourists coming to Turkey each year prove this. “

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