It was we who carried the concept of stroke surgery to the Turkish and the World agenda for the first time ever. Thus, the established opinion that an intervention after the sixth hour for the patients who have become paralyzed due to a carotid artery would not have a significant benefit has changed. The stroke surgery method that we apply can achieve success in appropriate patients in a week or 10 days and it can achieve success in others up to a month. According to the patient’s condition this success sometimes happens in the form of regaining the ability to talk and sometimes for them to stand up. In any case, we make a positive contribution to the lives of our patients whether the outcome. The same method can be applied to 100% patients with blocked carotid arteries. Another important advantage of the method is that it gives the chance of being able to intervene this narrowings in a row in patients with narrowed arteries. First, after the pass of a certain period in one narrowing (a couple of weeks or months) we become able to intervene in the narrowing on the other side. Stroke surgery is also a very important method for taking preventive measures before the patients are paralyzed. Many people can live unaware of the narrowing of their carotid artery but during this time the sickness can sometimes create symptoms such as dizziness, weakness in arms and legs, temporary speech disorder and temporary vision loss. Such complaints should never be disregarded and a carotid artery ultrasound must be applied. Therefore, this simple examination will detect the illness in the early stage and gives rise to the chance of early intervention. Whether it is 50 percent, 70 percent or 100 percent narrowness in the carotid artery, a paralysis can be prevented with the stroke surgery technique during an early stage.

In 6 years, more than 1000 paralyzed patients were provided with a comfortable life.

In advanced examinations, patients who are found to be suitable for surgery even if they are of advanced age (patients above 90 or 100 years of age) and even if they have multiple chronic ailments due to the fact that the process is conducted with local anesthesia by numbing the patient’s neck, they can be operated by staying away from the risks of standard surgery. During the operations performed while having a conversation with the patient we keep the consciousness of the patient active and thus like a live broadcast, we can control the returning process of the sensation lost because of the paralysis caused by the carotid artery.

This conversation with the patient during the operation keeps them vigourous and prevents loss of consciousness. In the event of a minor impairment in consciousness, we immediately send blood to the brain with the help of a cannula and allow the patient to remain vigourous. In the meantime, we clean the insides of the vessel and close it quickly. The operation is completed between 30-50 minutes. The patient is taken directly to the normal room without intensive care and is released from the hospital after two days or three.