We emphasize preventive medicine and early diagnosis on vascular health. But as far as we can see, patients do not apply to the physician before the disease progresses. This brings serious difficulties during the treatment. For approximately 10 years we have been able to open a large number of vessels with minimally invasive surgical methods in appropriate patients which in our operations by talking to the patient under local anesthesia. We have made serious progress on the part of our country in vascular surgery both for the leg veins and for the operations of the carotid artery. We have recently applied both open surgeries, angioma and stent procedures with Hybrid methods.

We have seen that very complicated cases and the literally ’unopened’ can be opened with this method. This method proceeds within the framework of a personalized treatment plan. The same method is not used in all patients. In some patients, it is possible to obtain results only by surgery, some by interventional method and some by using Hybrid methods. The experienced team, experienced surgeon and the appropriate method are among the important criteria of treatment planning.