It was told to be untreatable but Md. Kalko and his team saved both of his legs.

-Professors in Germany told it was untreatable twice but both his legs were saved by Turkish Professor Kalko and his team. Tuncer Küçükkaya, a Turkish immigrant living in Germany, who were suffering from cramps and pain in his legs and who also gradually lost his ability to walk due to embolism found the cure to his problem in Turkey. Talking about the grueling phase he went through he told these: ‘I began to experience cramps on my feet in 2018, then my pains increased. My walking distance gradually lowered so badly that I wasn’t even able to walk 50 meters at once. We’re living in Germany for 40 years. We visited a doctor here and they told me I was incurable and I had to get used to living this way. I was hospitalised around those times, my toes were going to be amputated. While I was waiting in the hospital to be operated on, my wife made some researchs and found about Md. Yusuf Kalko. She made me talk with him in my hospital room and we then decided to go to Istanbul very quickly. I was operated on and my right foot got saved. I had the same symptoms on my left foot in the last November and I went under surgery twice in Germany but they were unsuccessful. We had to visit Turkey yet again, my left foot got saved at 25th of November after a successful surgery Md. Yusuf Kalko and his team underwent.’

Another Hybdrid Method Miracle

Md. Yusuf Kalko, who is a cardiovascular surgery specialist, noted that they had very successful results in diffucult surgeries with the Hybrid Method they developped and told; ”We’re utilising both open surgery and angio and stent processes at the same time. We’ve seen very complicated cases, which have been diagnosed as ‘un-openable’, getting opened with this method. Now of course this phase follows a customised treatment plan. Our patient who came from Germany was also told he was incurable. But we managed to open both of his leg arteries with Hyrbrid Method. We’re getting very positive results in carotid artery patients with Hybrid Method.”

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