What Should Be Suggested To Protect Diabetic Patients From Diabetic Foot?

If you are diabetic, we recommend that you pay more attention to these seemingly simple foot problems. Because very simple wounds in diabetic patients, ingrown toenails, calluses, shoe-related sores have turned into a non-closing wound. These non-closure wounds can cause you to lose your foot or leg without timely and correct intervention.

In such a situation, what should the diabetic patients pay attention in terms of their feet?

Here are the information to save your feet!

  • Always check your feet every day if you have complaints or if you don’t.
  • If there are minor calluses, wounds or shoe hits, absolutely follow them.
  • Foot dryness is not a good thing, massage your feet with moisturizing cream every day.
  • Avoid shoes that will cause wounds on your feet, prefer comfortable shoes.
  • Make your nail care regularly. Do not let the nail sinking.
  • Do not interrupt your treatment programs by your doctor to keep your sugar in balance.
  • Diabetes worns out vessels, you must have your vascular examinations.
  • Choose a regular life, eat healthy, do not neglect the exercise your doctor sees fit for you.

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