Should Aspirine Be Used In Vascular Occlusion?

If you don’t have a stomach problem after the age of 45, taking 1 100 milligrams of aspirin every day protects you from heart attack, stroke, colon cancer.

However, there are some very important rules to be observed.

  • The patient should not have aspirin allergy,
  • There should be no gastritis or ulcer in the stomach,
  • There should be no bleeding disease,
  • High blood pressure patients should not be, may cause brain hemorrhage.

If these prohibitions do not exist and the patient’s family have history of cardiovascular disease is useful to use aspirin. But this is not enough to protect ownself. The person must stay away from smoking, pay attention to the sugar, keep the blood pressure in balance, exercise regularly and at the same time should pay attention to a healthy diet.

Most importantly, you should not underestimate the use of aspirin, which appears to be simple, and never consume it according to own head. After a regular annual check-up, the doctor should start to do so if he deems it appropriate.

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