Why Do You Have A Heart Attack At A Young Age?

At a young age, heart attacks unfortunately can have more serious consequences. You ask why?

  • The possibility of heart attack at a young age does not come to mind, so the patient can be delayed in taking precautions.
  • As a result of angio, the patient’s cardiac vessels may appear normal, but the muscle bridge, which is a congenital disorder, can cause a heart attack after effort.
  • Muscle bridges usually don’t come to your mind, but if you have chest pains after brisk walking and long runs, you should definitely suspect muscle bridges.


Please note for precautions;

  • Those with a family history of sudden death for no reason.
  • Family with a history of bypass and stenting at an early age.
  • Those with a very early heart story in their parents. Those with an early stent history…

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