What Are The Advantages Of Minimally Invasive Vascular Surgery?

Minimal İnvaziv Damar Cerrahisi Tekniği başarılı sonuçlar veriyor. Kalp, bacak ve boyun damarlarının tıkanıklığında kullanılan yöntem zamanında müdahale ile kalp krizi, felç ve kangreni önlüyor. Standart cerrahinin riskli olduğu hastalarda ise hayat kurtarıyor.

Minimally Invasive Vascular Surgery Technique is giving us successful results. This method is used in the occlusion of the veins of the heart, legs and neck. At the same time, with timely intervention prevents heart attack, stroke and gangrene. It saves patients life who have risky with standard surgery.

Minimal Invasive Surgery; It is an application performed under local anesthesia. It provides great advantages especially for elderly patients with blood pressure, diabetes, kidney diseases, chronic bronchitis and high risk of anesthesia. We keep patient open conscious during surgery. This shows us whether our surgery was successful. If we intervene in a paralyzed patient, he starts talking during surgery or moving his arm or leg. Or we can see if a paralyzed leg can be saved during surgery. The method also helps prevent limb losses in Buerger cases.

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