How Should Heart And Vascular Patients Take Precautions Against The Coronavirus?

After corona virus seen in Turkey the measures taken has increased.Experts stated that especially those with advanced age and chronic diseases should be more careful.

Prof. Dr. Yusuf Kalko, Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist, gave information about the measures to be taken for cardiovascular patients, blood pressure and diabetes patients. Dr. Kalko reminded the hygiene rule again. Professor said, “One of the most important rules is to wash your hands frequently. Also, vegetables and fruits should be washed well and kept in water with vinegar for a while. If public transport will be used, make sure to clean your place with a wet wipe or small pocket disinfectant. Throw your clothes for washing. Ventilate your environment frequently. Disinfect door handles frequently. “

The elderly should not kiss their grandchildren for a while.

Prof. Dr. Yusuf Kalko emphasized that it is absolutely necessary to avoid from close contact, shaking hands, kissing and hugging. The professor said, “Children are not in the group at risk, but they can be carriers and transmit the virus to their environment. In this case, the elderly people who in the risk group , especially who is cardiovascular patients, diabetics, blood pressure patients and chronic lung patients should not be in close contact with the grandchildren. If possible, they should not be in the same environment with their grandchildren. “

Masks have no protection.

Kalko underlined that using a mask to protect against Corona virus is not enough. Dr. Kalko said, “It is very important to adhere to the hygiene rules and nutrition to strengthen immunity, to protect against the virus. In this virus, the mask is not protective enough. Therefore, by relying on the mask, patients in the risk group should avoid from places which are crowded places, closed and crowded environments, public transportation, outdoors crowd. They can take short walks in the forest or on the beach. However, it will be safer to stay at home during this process. “

Vitamin C supplements should be taken.

Emphasizing that keeping immunity strong is very important in combating the virus Prof. Kalko, stated that eating well, drinking plenty of water, taking vitamin C supplements also be beneficial during this period.

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