Dr. Kalko:’We Developed A Service Plan To Protect Patient Rights”

In health, medicine, surgical and medical technologies from a country, the shining star in the world, Turkey has become a center position that shapes the international health tourism. Under the framework of  Sanberk Group and headed by Prof.Dr.Yusuf Kalko, established “Dr. Kalko International Medical Tourism ”brand has been implemented with an innovative model that will open new horizons for the health tourism sector.

Founder of Dr.Kalko International Medical Tourism brand  and Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist  Dr. Yusuf Kalko told us details of the topic.

We would follow you with your work in the field of vascular surgery in Turkey and in the world. And now you’re chairing Dr.Kalko International Medical Tourism brand which you have established. Could you tell us about the reason and purpose of establishment this brand?

In the field of cardiovascular health we have important work in Turkey and worldwide. We achieved firsts in the medical literature with the stroke surgery method and hybrid methods we applied especially for carotid artery patients. Therefore, we have done what hasn’t been done in the world about vascular surgery and we have taken a very good way in this field. With the Vascular Health and Life Center established under my chairmanship, we gathered departments such as stroke surgery, diabetic foot surgery, varicose veins treatment, congenital vascular anomalies and minimally invasive vascular surgery. We are performing very important vascular surgeries with a giant staff.

We have a lot of patients coming from abroad. We accept patients from Azerbaijan to Germany, from many European countries, Middle East and Asia. We even had cases with headlines in the foreign press.

Our country is in a very important position in the field of health tourism in the world. Patient comes to for many different branches. We wanted to provide an academic based service by establishing Dr.Kalko brand. As the president and academic advisor of the brand which I founded, We are evaluating patient admissions from all over the world. We are bringing together patients and the best doctors in Turkey and we aim to provide treatment with the latest and advanced technologies in the best and most equipped hospitals. With the principle of continuous 7/24 service, we thought every detail for patient satisfaction. On the other hand, not only in Turkey, requested by the patient in other countries, we aim to bring them together with the best hospitals and the best doctors.

Which branches do you aim to work with?

We work with our expert colleagues who are the best in their fields in all branches. Me and my team are doing all kinds of vascular surgery. Besides  we work with our best colleagues in many fields such as  aesthetic surgery, general surgery, brain surgery, thoracic surgery, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, pediatric cardiovascular surgery, bionic ear surgery, cardiology, invasive radiology, hair transplantation, dental and maxillofacial surgery, medical aesthetic applications, tube infant therapy, robotic rehabilitation, personalized immunotherapy and organ transplantation.

Aren’t people afraid of to come to countries they don’t know? Especially in the case of health.

Actually, that’s true. This is not only valid for Turkey. You want to know whom you entrust your health to in a country you don’t know. You also want to know what your rights are, how they will protect you in a negative situation. With this in mind, wehave developed our service plan accordingly. First of all, we will start with an international certificate. When people abroad choose us, they will know that they work with an international company. At the same time, we make the whole treatment plan of the patients who apply to us and guarantee return to patient in a 24-hour. We will also open an international office in several locations and declare that we will be liablealso in the European countries.

Other than that, what are the advantages of being treated in Turkey?

Europe’s newest, best equipped and most qualified hospitals are taking place in Turkey. In fact, we have already deserved to enter the European Union in the field of health because our hospitals are in a better position than the hospitals there. On the other hand, our country is in such a good location that we are at a critical point with a four-hour flight distance that you can reach 57 countries and 4.5 billion people.

Our biggest claim is that we are 60 percent cheaper and better quality in this field than Europe. Today a coronary bypass surgery done in America for $ 125 thousand, the same surgery can be done in the most luxurious hospital 25 thousand dollars in Turkey.


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