Birth And Sports Protect Women Against Vascular Diseases

Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Yusuf Kalko announced prescription about  how women will protect against vascular disease. Here are the precautions to be taken…
Dr.Kalko pointed out that as well as dynamic life and correct nutrition, birth is an important factor in the protection of women against vascular diseases. He emphasized on “Dynamic life and sports should be the most important activity that women should turn into a way of life. Women as safe as till menopause. The estrogen hormone acts as a shield against arteriosclerosis in women. Another important factor protecting women is birth. Birth is a serious protection against vascular diseases in women because the body is renewed with birth, but postpartum weight must be given. Also we know that abdomen fat is one of the biggest triggers of heart attacks and strokes. In addition, regular and healthy nutrition is one of the important factors in taking precautions. ”
Attention to the post-menopaus period!
Yusuf Kalko said that estrogen, which is a protective shield could not perform its duty and posed a serious threat especially for vascular diseases in post-menopausal period.Also he said “In this period, we often come across conditions such as heart attacks, carotid paralysis and uncontrolled high blood pressure in women. Smoking is the major factor in the progression of these diseases. Nowadays, we observe that cigarette smoking has dropped considerably due to the prohibition, but unfortunately the 70-80 generation does not give up smoking. Insulin resistance increases when factors such as inactivity, excess weight, and especially postnatal belly fat are added to this negative habit. We know that diabetes is one of the most negative causes of arteriosclerosis. On the other hand, in some special cases, we may encounter some vascular diseases before menopause, that is, at a young age. These are Marfan syndrome or cholesterol-related various diseases. If vascular disease is seen before menopause, they should be examined in this respect. ”


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