Beauty From Bone Powder

 Over time, falling and sags that occur on skin  are common problems of all of us. All this only casts a shadow on our youth and It also makes us look more sad, tired, or even unhappy. In such cases, we are seeking solution in medical aesthetic or aesthetic surgery applications. We can talk about many methods developed but one of the most popular applications of the recent period is Mineral Filling (Radiesse). The method which called bone powder  gives almost miraculous resultsIn particular, the method used in cheek-highlighting and cheek-lifting and jaw-tip-highlighting simultaneously improves facial contours and revitalizes the skin. We have searched all the details from the expert for you.

“FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) stopped the use of high-risk fillers in the United States after bad experiences with face fillers for the past 10 years. Some fillers caused persistent problems on the patients’ faces and worse appearances occurred. In addition, such unsuitable fillings not only harden, but also develop into infection over time. Rarely, they did not stay where they were placed and they changed places on the face. Now here we will talk about the safe use of bone powder Radiesse filler with FDA approval.

Improves and tightens skin quality.

It is a filler with calcium hydroxyapatite beads (bone powder) which is obtained by separating from subcutaneous minerals. It contains natural lime from corals in the Pacific Ocean. When applied as a filler, it increases the patient’s own natural collagen production. Improves skin quality and  tightens. Significant recovery occurs in dangling parts. In addition, it is the filler which has the biggest lifting effect among the fillers on the market.

Compared to other fillers, the effect time is twice as long.

Its cost is higher than other fillers (based on hyaluronic acid) but the effect duration is twice as much. Provides at least twice the lift and volume. So the price-performance is very good as a filler.

Particularly, cheek highlighting, cheek lifting and chin tip highlighting are also usedYou can see the effect as soon as the action is done. The average duration of action is about 2 years. It may also be used to correct hand back wrinkles, to reduce the prominence of nasolabial sulcus, to remove marionette lines, acne scars, vertical lip lines.

The method that outshines jaw and cheekbone prostheses.

Most patients no longer need jaw and cheekbone prostheses and there is no need for a new operation for deformations after rhinoplasty. One of the most important features of Radiesse is its volume increasing effect. In the previous years, the surgical jaw and cheekbone prostheses, which will eliminate by this method, patients also prefer because of to be practical apllication.

The effect is seen immediately after the application, the person can immediately return to social life.

After the skin is anesthetized with a local anesthesia, Radiesse is applied as deeply as possible under the facial skin with a thin needle. Unlike other fillers, Radiesse needs to be applied close to the bone or to be multilayer. In this way, it is not obvious from the outside and provides a natural look. After Radiesse, the result is immediately seen and the patient can return to his / her daily life. As a result of this application, the facial tissue that has decreased as a result of aging is replaced and the proportions on your face reach the ideal measurements. ”


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